Gere Sport Biplane

The Gere Sport Biplane was a 30's era homebuilt biplane, designed and built by George "Bud" Gere, who was killed in an accident before he could witness his plane's first flight. Early models used Ford Model T and Model A engines. There are several of these planes still being built and flown around the world.

- Motat example on display (Richard Wesley)


Bud Wall said...

I have read elsewhere that Bud Gere died of the flu before flying his plane. Elmore Wall was the test pilot on the first flight. I am nearly finished with a Ford Mod.A powered Gere- expect flight test in Spring.Coincidently my name is Wall. Bud Wall, Bouse, AZ.(Not known to be relative of Elmore)

Richard Wesley said...

Thanks for the comment, would be great to see a photo or your example for comparison (