Douglas Skyhawk

On disbandment of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) fast jet strike wing, a number of Skyhawk aircraft were retained within New Zealand for display at museums. Motat was very fortunate to receive one of these aircraft.

The airframe on display is an Douglas A-4 Skyhawk NZ6206 RNZAF jet fighter. Model A-4K 14089 16/06/1970 Bu157909. Its first flight was from the Douglas Factory at Long Beach on 11 March 1970.

It arrived at Auckland aboard the helicopter carrier USS Okinawa (LPH-3) on 17 May 1970 and was towed by road to Whenuapai. NZ6206 was test flown at Whenuapai on 25 May 1970 before being ferried to RNZAF No.75 Squadron, Ohakea. Transferred to RNZAF No.2 Squadron, Ohakea in 1985, it was in active service there until flown from Ohakea to storage at Woodbourne on 12 December 2002.

Dismantled and trucked to MOTAT in Auckland in three major sections [Wing, front and rear fuselage] it arrived MOTAT Thursday 27 October 2011 and was reassembled in view of the public Friday 28th through Sunday 30 October 2011. The aircraft's engine is displayed alongside the aircraft.

The Youtube clip belong shows a timelapse video of the aircraft being assembled.

- On display in main hanger 2013 (Richard Wesley)
- On display in main hanger 2013 (Richard Wesley)
- Engine on display in main hanger 2013 (Richard Wesley)

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