Mignet HM-14 Pou-du-Ciel

1936 Flying Flea (Le Pou-du-Ciel), a french design, built in New Zealand. Designed by Henri Mignet, this small plane was the most popular homebuilt aircraft in the 1930s.

This aircraft (ZM-AAA) furthest trip from the museum in recent years was to Auckland Airport at the Air Expo in 1992. Motat had two display stands set up to try and raise support for the museum.

Other Preserved Flying Fleas in New Zealand

ZM-AAC: Wanaka Transport Museum, located suspended from the ceiling the last time I visited

ZM-AAM: Asburton Aviation Museum in red and white and looking in excellent condition.

Taranaki Museum has a flying flea in parts which may have flown but never recevied a registration I believe.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Richard! Just wanted to point out that ZM-AAM (note the rego!) is a newly built Flea, specifically built from the original plans for the Museum.

Richard Wesley said...

Thanks for the information, always keen for corrections and updates.