Flaglor Sky Scooter

This little aircraft was donated to the musuem in the 1990's, and is displayed hanging from the ceiling of the main aircraft hanger. Register as KZ-EYL.

The Flaglor Scooter is an all-wood construction, fabric-covered homebuilt introduced in 1967. Like many homebuilt aircraft it is designed to be easy to build and maintain with the tools generally found in a home workshop. Also in common with many other homebuilts it is powered by a modified automobile engine. In this case a 1600 CC Volkswagen engine. The Scooter was sold as a set of plans.

From the Motat website:

The Flaglor Scooter was designed and manufactured in the USA during the mid-1960s. It was available as a kit set for aviation enthusiasts and pilots to build their own aircraft. The original design is by Ken Flaglor of Illinois, USA.

ZK-EYL was built in the Auckland workshops of Lester Zimmerman, of Kohimarama, Auckland. It is a single-seater, fixed wing design with an open cockpit. The engine is mounted above and forward of the wing. Built primarily from plywood, Perspex and fabric, this aircraft is representative of the “home-built” aircraft which have been popular throughout the realization of flight. This example was powered by a VW 1600cc car engine.

In 1991 the Zimmerman family donated ZK-EYL to MOTAT.

- aircraft on display in the main hanger 2007 (Richard Wesley)

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