Bell 47J-2A Ranger

This early helicopter (s/n 1865) was donated to MOTAT by Helicopters (NZ) Ltd and it was used for over a decade to support the offshore oil rigs and refineries in New Zealand.

The wreck of this machine was found in Caboolture north of Brisbane by Phill Hooker and Phill McGuire in 2007.

Purely for nostalgic reasons and preserving New Zealand aviation history, Myles Tomkins of Airwork Pty Brisbane was commissioned to restore it to full flying condition.

It arrived in a container at Rotocraft in Hamilton in December 2007, where it was put back together. She received the New Zealand certificate of airworthiness again in February 208 and the test flight was carried out by Phill Hooker. This was the first time in 23 years the old girl had New Zealand air going through its rotors.

In March 2019 the aircraft was assembled for display in the main hanger of Motat II.

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