Museum Grounds & Buildings

The Motat museum complex is spread over two sites, with the Aviation Collection centred on the Meola Road site otherwise known as the "Sir Keith Park Memorial Aviation Collection". Here is the main aviation display hanger, and the main restoration hanger also known as the "Belfast Hanger". Only two aircraft now remain outdoors, and clear plans are underway to get these two aircraft undercover in the near future.

The new display hanger extension was only completed recently and the final layout of aircraft for display is still in discussion. An early indication is shown here is give an idea of the size of the display hanger and the number of aircraft on display.

- Aerial photo of the Meola Road site (Google Earth)
- New Motat aviation hanger plans with aircraft layout 2007 (Motat)
- Newly relocated Belfast hanger being fitted out 2007 (Richard Wesley)

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